Shillong, Sep 28: Former India international midfielder Eugeneson Lyngdoh has been suggested as a possible candidate for Mawphlang MLA and thus to succeed his father, the late Syntar Klas Sunn, who passed away earlier this month.

According to local newspaper Highland Post, a large number of the departed MLA’s supporters visited the family home yesterday and proposed Lyngdoh’s name as their choice of candidate.

The midfielder’s hopes of making a comeback to top tier Indian football appeared to have ended last year when he was dropped by his Indian Super League club East Bengal after just two appearances. It was suggested that he had come to terms with the possible end of his football career and was intent on reinvigorating Rangdajied United, the football team his father owned and for whom he had played for in 2013-14.

The sudden and devastating loss of Sunn on 10th September may have upended those plans, however.

For now, though, the family remains undecided and Lyngdoh was quoted as saying, “It is something which is difficult to decide. Therefore, as a family, we have to come together and decide on it, so that, with one voice, we can unite.”

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