Shillong, Jan 19: The sudden resignation of Chiranjib Choudhury (pictured right) as General Secretary of the Meghalaya State Olympic Association has led RG Lyngdoh (centre) to quit as MSOA Adviser, it was revealed today.

Choudhury had resigned last week after repeated proddings from a pressure group. The Hynniewtrep Integrated Territorial Organisation, which in November called for all non-tribals in the various sports associations of the state to step down, repeated its demand last week, following which Choudhury quit.

The ex-General Secretary cited ‚Äúpersonal commitments towards business and family” but the timing of his resignation left observers in no doubt as to what the real reason was; why the MSOA President, Banteidor Lyngdoh, who is also Sports & Youth Affairs Minister, did not reject the resignation is also not known. Instead the MSOA quickly elected Finely Pariat as Choudhury’s replacement.

Choudhury remains Secretary of the Meghalaya Table Tennis Association, of which Lyngdoh is the President.

In his letter today, Lyngdoh said that the circumstances leading to and the manner in which Choudhury resigned his post “has left a very bad taste in my mouth.”

“The secular nature of the constitution of the MSOA is only as good as the people entrusted to protect and implement it. I cannot remain a bystander as it is violated,” he added.

Lyngdoh addressed a copy of his letter to the Working President of the MSOA, John F Kharshiing, requesting that the matter be “candidly discussed” at the next general body meeting.

(TSR file photo)

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