Shillong, Mar 9: Shakliar Warjri has been appointed as the new Sports & Youth Affairs Minister in the incoming state government, it was revealed today.

Warjri is a first-time MLA and was elected on a Hill State People’s Democratic Party ticket from Mawthadraishan.

He is just 26 years old, making him the youngest or one of the youngest cabinet ministers ever.

Warjri takes over the Sports & Youth Affairs Department from Banteidor Lyngdoh, who was reelected from Mawkynrew but who was not reappointed or, according to him, declined to be reappointed, to the cabinet.

It will likely be under Warjri’s tenure that Meghalaya finally gets to hold the 39th National Games, which were originally scheduled for 2022.

In the run-up to that, several major sports infrastructure projects have to be completed under his watch.

Despite being new to the political arena, Warjri has already become a household name in the state after defying the party line and pledging to support a government led by the National People’s Party before the HSPDP was ready to come on board.

Only time will tell whether this sort of manoeuvring helps him in his new roles (he has also been given charge of Labour and Registration & Stamps).

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