Shillong, Apr 20: Newly-promoted Nongthymmai signed up 22 players during the Shillong Sports Association’s transfer window, the most of any club this year.

All in all, 189 players moved from one SSA-affiliated club to another. These transfers do not include any players that may have come in from different states or even from a different sports association. The SSA window closed last Saturday.

Nongthymmai won promotion to this season’s Shillong Premier League by finishing as runners-up in last season’s First Division. However, you won’t find any really big name players in the list but they will try to make an impact nonetheless.

Three of their players have come in from Mawkhar, who were relegated after finishing last year’s SPL at the bottom of the table. Sixteen other Mawkhar players have drifted off into other teams and the club didn’t sign any new players of their own.

Nangkiew Irat were the other SPL team to lose plenty of players – 12 left and just two were signed.

Sawmer, who return to the SPL after being relegated at the end of 2018, have brought in 12 players, including veteran Bickyson Kharkongor, the same number as last year’s SPL runners-up Rangdajied United.

For reigning SPL champions Mawlai, it appears as if they will repose faith in their tried and tested title-winning team. The club only signed two new (fairly unknown) players and released seven squad members who didn’t always make it to the first eleven.

Another champion side that haven’t made many changes are Laitkor, who have been promoted to this season’s First Division; they released two players and signed two. Joining them in the First Division are Mylliem, who have brought on 10 new members.

Other big signers are the SPL’s Ryntih (10 signed, six released) and the First Division’s Nongrim Hills (11 signed, eight released).

Shillong Lajong, in the SPL, have brought on 13, a lot of whom have been used extensively in their national Second Division League campaign.

And, interestingly, Langsning (in the SPL) and Malki (dropping to the First Division) have signed and released an equal number of players – 10 and 11 respectively.

Club Players Out Players In
Nongthymmai 2 21
Shillong Lajong 5 13
Sawmer 4 12
Rangdajied Utd 5 12
Malki 11 11
Nongrim Hills 8 11
Langsning 10 10
Mylliem 3 10
Ryntih 6 10
Nongrah 4 8
Mawtawar 1 7
Umphyrnai 6 6
Marbisu 3 6
Lawsohtun 9 5
Pohkseh 4 5
Smit 7 4
Sohryngkham 1 4
Lumshyiap 1 4
Mylliem Lum 3 4
Nongkrem 3 3
Laitkyrhong 2 3
Mawpat 1 3
Lawmali 1 2
Mawlai 7 2
Laitkor 2 2
Nangkiew Irat 12 2
Laitlyngkot 1 2
Umphrup 1 2
Meghalaya Police 0 1
Mawlyngad 0 1
Diengpasoh 0 1
Sohiong 6 1
Nongumlong 1 1
Tynring 3 0
Imson 4 0
Mawkhar 19 0
Nongkseh 2 0
Gorkha Assoc 3 0
Riatsamthiah 1 0
Wahingdoh 3 0
Lumparing 2 0
Rynjah 2 0
Umlyngka 2 0
Sanmer 2 0
Pay For Right 2 0
Jongksha 4 0
Mawphlang 3 0
Umpling 4 0
Lummawbah 1 0
Mawryngkneng 1 0
Umsohsun 1 0


Player Old Club New Club
1 Wankhraw Nengnong Smit Meghalaya Police
2 Khilarson Lawai Sohryngkham Mawlyngad
3 Bamuthok Kharlukhi Tynring Diengpasoh
4 Comingstar Jana Nongthymmai Sohiong
5 Sunshine Kharmuti Sawmer Nongumlong
6 Derick Syiemlieh Imson Lawmali
7 Anderson Lyngdoh Mawnai Lumshyiap Lawmali
8 Bansynshar Kharshong Nongkrem Mawlai
9 Blashan Nongkynrih Lawsohtun Mawlai
10 Deranius Wahlang Langsning Laitkor
11 Samborwell Mynsong Nongkrem Laitkor
12 Emerson Nongrud Nangkiew Irat Laitlyngkot
13 Libestar Nongkynrih Mawkhar Laitlyngkot
14 Kitdorlang Lyngdoh Nonglait Malki Nangkiew Irat
15 Rihoklang Khongjoh Malki Nangkiew Irat
16 Fredyson Kharbyngar Nongrim Hills Umphrup
17 Luckystar Lynshing Smit Umphrup
18 Banshaibok Khongsngi Nongrim Hills Laitkyrhong
19 Mebanri Kupar Rynjah Nongrim Hills Laitkyrhong
20 Nangsankupar Warlarpih Lawmali Laitkyrhong
21 Shankupar Kharbyngar Smit Nongkrem
22 Kerboklang Nongspung Smit Nongkrem
23 Mario Shanpru Nangkiew Irat Nongkrem
24 Defender Pyngrope Mawkhar Mawpat
25 Rolandwell Kharsyntiew Mawkhar Mawpat
26 Teibor Nongtynger Imson Mawpat
27 Andrias Mawlong Nongkseh Mylliem Lum
28 Bhakupar Rynjah Laitlyngkot Mylliem Lum
29 Rapborlang Jana Sohiong Mylliem Lum
30 Raju Kurbah Sohiong Mylliem Lum
31 Badonkupar Shadap Imson Smit
32 Imsngi Banjop Khongsit Malki Smit
33 Ribanlang Jana Nongbet Nongkrem Smit
34 Baskhembor Warlarpih Umphrup Smit
35 Albanstar Ramsiej Gorkha Assoc Lumshyiap
36 Donboklang Marngar Gorkha Assoc Lumshyiap
37 Nishan Chetri Gorkha Assoc Lumshyiap
38 Mebanshngain Kurkalang Lumparing Lumshyiap
39 Wanlambha Kharpran Rangdajied Utd Sohryngkham
40 Winstar Roy Kharpran Umphyrnai Sohryngkham
41 Pynshongdor Pyngrope Tynring Sohryngkham
42 Shankerlang Kshiar Rynjah Sohryngkham
43 Cruises Tarlie L Mawphlang Malki Lawsohtun
44 Pynkhambor Suting Malki Lawsohtun
45 Emerald Jyrwa Nongkseh Lawsohtun
46 Khraw Kupar Jana Rangdajied Utd Lawsohtun
47 Babitlang Wahlang Umlyngka Lawsohtun
48 Meshanlang Tangsang Smit Pohkseh
49 Donboklang Mawlong Malki Pohkseh
50 Wanjoplang Khriam Pay For Right Pohkseh
51 Freddy Banteilang Jyrwa Umpling Pohkseh
52 Maitshaphrang Lawriniang Nongrah Pohkseh
53 Sharailang Khongsit Malki Umphyrnai
54 Isharwer Mukhim Jongksha Umphyrnai
55 Banlongkhraw Kharbyngar Smit Umphyrnai
56 Restorewell Marbaniang Mawkhar Umphyrnai
57 Boyanstar Nongkynrih Mawkhar Umphyrnai
58 Skhemborlang Majaw Laitkyrhong Umphyrnai
59 Mawlynnai Baskhem Wahlang Mawphlang Marbisu
60 Fildystar Nongbet Mawphlang Marbisu
61 Gary Danielle Dkhar Mawphlang Marbisu
62 Rodonald Kharbuki Sawmer Marbisu
63 Khrawbor Langstieh Mylliem Lum Marbisu
64 Rijiedskhem Sunn Rangdajied Utd Marbisu
65 Elnathan D Wahlang Lumparing Mawtawar
66 Hopewell Kharryngki Mawlai Mawtawar
67 Steward Ryntong Nongrim Hills Mawtawar
68 Cheristerfield Warkhar Mylliem Mawtawar
69 Donbok Kupar Syiemsad Mawkhar Mawtawar
70 Ricky Chyne Sawmer Mawtawar
71 Iaibatkupar Dkhar Sawmer Mawtawar
72 Ronnie Mcdonald Nongbri Ryntih Nongrah
73 Garnoldstar Marbaniang Mawkhar Nongrah
74 Sonding Ray Rngaid Rynjah Nongrah
75 Franky Joes Marboh Umpling Nongrah
76 Jonas Tynrai Baskhem Nongbri Wahingdoh Nongrah
77 Dawandap Pura Biam Pathaw Wahingdoh Nongrah
78 Nangteibor Kharlukhi Tynring Nongrah
79 Rikmenlang Marwein Pohkseh Nongrah
80 Damanbhalang Chyne Nangkiew Irat Langsning
81 Overkindness Lyngdoh Mawnai Nangkiew Irat Langsning
82 Fedrick Wahlang Nangkiew Irat Langsning
83 Wilbert Donboklang Marbaniang Ryntih Langsning
84 Maxderidoff Wahlang Ryntih Langsning
85 Darabhun Talang Ryntih Langsning
86 Lukas Syngkli Malki Langsning
87 Kordor Dkhar Malki Langsning
88 Balapynshai Nengnong Mawkhar Langsning
89 Milancy Khongstia Mawlai Langsning
90 Vinici Lalnunpuia Darlong Nongrim Hills Ryntih
91 Dasliangki Khyriem Lawsohtun Ryntih
92 Torilang Wanniang Lawsohtun Ryntih
93 Melvin Warjri Nangkiew Irat Ryntih
94 Manbhalang Nongmin Mawlai Ryntih
95 Wanshanlang Dkhar Mawlai Ryntih
96 Cliff Charlton Kharnaior Lummawbah Ryntih
97 Frolicson Dkhar Langsning Ryntih
98 Bannehskhem Khongsdam Mawkhar Ryntih
99 Pura Nongbri Langsning Ryntih
100 Maitshaphrang Jyrwa Pohkseh Mylliem
101 Fernando Kurkalang Laitkor Mylliem
102 Steward Kharbudnah Sanmer Mylliem
103 Daryll Lyngdoh Nongthymmai Mylliem
104 Donboklang Majaw Umlyngka Mylliem
105 Welsing Pariong Mylliem Lum Mylliem
106 Janhameshuwa Marngar Wahingdoh Mylliem
107 Rajipstar Jana Marbisu Mylliem
108 Baniaineh Kharkrang Sohiong Mylliem
109 Mankhraw Kharkongor Marbisu Mylliem
110 Arkidalang Myrthong Jongksha Malki
111 Maxcimilando Tariang Jongksha Malki
112 Pynshai Nongrang Mylliem Lum Malki
113 Biketstar Nongkhlaw Umphyrnai Malki
114 Kynsaibor Shyrkon Sanmer Malki
115 Rishain Wahlang Nongrah Malki
116 Bannehskhem Mynsong Mawryngkneng Malki
117 Mawjam Makdoh Umsohsun Malki
118 Pynkhlainbok Wahlang Mawpat Malki
119 Pynkhlainborlang Nongrum Pay For Right Malki
120 Bhabok Nongspung Jongksha Malki
121 Justerwell Tham Mawkhar Nongrim Hills
122 Glennys Godfrey Lynrah Shillong Lajong Nongrim Hills
123 Benjamin Lyngdoh Shillong Lajong Nongrim Hills
124 Jefferson Kharbuli Shillong Lajong Nongrim Hills
125 Richardlang Iangjuh Langsning Nongrim Hills
126 Baskhem Carter Shanpru Pohkseh Nongrim Hills
127 Widenstar Kharsati Mawkhar Nongrim Hills
128 Pynshisha Lapang Mawkhar Nongrim Hills
129 Geriberth IJ Sangma Mylliem Nongrim Hills
130 Gedeon Biangbor Pyngrope Umpling Nongrim Hills
131 Larilang Kharnaior Umpling Nongrim Hills
132 Dondorlang Rani Nangkiew Irat Sawmer
133 Preciousland Kharbhih Langsning Sawmer
134 Bisharlang Mawthoh Langsning Sawmer
135 Pyrshangbanbha Dkhar Nongrim Hills Sawmer
136 Fairly Nongkhlaw Nongumlong Sawmer
137 Klinstar Marbaniang Sohiong Sawmer
138 Shaitborlang Kharkrang Sohiong Sawmer
139 Rohit Rasaily Lawsohtun Sawmer
140 Shiningstar Nongdhar Lawsohtun Sawmer
141 Aman Biswa Karma Malki Sawmer
142 Bickyson Kharkongor Ryntih Sawmer
143 Mark Austin Wanswett Pohkseh Sawmer
144 Bansanbha Khongsdam Mawkhar Rangdajied Utd
145 Banshanskhem Kharsyntiew Mawkhar Rangdajied Utd
146 Aibiangmame Nengnong Mawkhar Rangdajied Utd
147 Aibanraplang Dohling Mawkhar Rangdajied Utd
148 Apborlang Kurbah Nangkiew Irat Rangdajied Utd
149 Damehun Syih Nangkiew Irat Rangdajied Utd
150 Basuklang Bina Mawlai Rangdajied Utd
151 Mebanaibok Kharbudnah Marbisu Rangdajied Utd
152 Samuel Suting Laitkyrhong Rangdajied Utd
153 Ieitlang Syiemlieh Laitkor Rangdajied Utd
154 Tremiki Lamurong Shillong Lajong Rangdajied Utd
155 Batiphar Swer Langsning Rangdajied Utd
156 Sambor Oneel Kharsahnoh Mawlai Shillong Lajong
157 Guidle Syiemlieh Nangkiew Irat Shillong Lajong
158 Chanmitre Thma Nangkiew Irat Shillong Lajong
159 Pynche-ia-i Tyngkan Nangkiew Irat Shillong Lajong
160 Baby Sunday Marngar Mylliem Shillong Lajong
161 Atlanson Kharmaw Rangdajied Utd Shillong Lajong
162 Rimankhraw Kharumnuid Smit Shillong Lajong
163 Ronald Kharkongor Lawsohtun Shillong Lajong
164 Wadskhem Marbaniang Langsning Shillong Lajong
165 Meban Nangkiew Thabah Mawtawar Shillong Lajong
166 Damonlang Pathaw Mawlai Shillong Lajong
167 Hardy Cliff Nongbri Ryntih Shillong Lajong
168 Shano Tariang Langsning Shillong Lajong
169 Michealson Kurbah Rangdajied Utd Nongthymmai
170 Pynshailang Kharduid Mawkhar Nongthymmai
171 Lyngketlut Myrchiang Mawkhar Nongthymmai
172 Balajied Syiemlieh Mawkhar Nongthymmai
173 Pyndapboklang Kharmawphlang Umphyrnai Nongthymmai
174 Armanki Kharkongor Umphyrnai Nongthymmai
175 Rudulf Shadap Umphyrnai Nongthymmai
176 Vicky Sharma Umphyrnai Nongthymmai
177 Johny Manbha Lawsohtun Nongthymmai
178 Soniroy Suchiang Lawsohtun Nongthymmai
179 Phibankhrawbok Nongkhlaw Nongrim Hills Nongthymmai
180 Shanbor Jyrwa Nongrim Hills Nongthymmai
181 Edyvenson Dhar Lawsohtun Nongthymmai
182 Andyson Lapang Langsning Nongthymmai
183 Polestar Kharjana Sohiong Nongthymmai
184 Fourstar Pohshna Riatsamthiah Nongthymmai
185 Brassfull Iawphniaw Nongrah Nongthymmai
186 Aibanseibor Wankhar Nongrah Nongthymmai
187 Rahul T Sangma Imson Nongthymmai
188 Rickyson Makdoh Shillong Lajong Nongthymmai
189 Fernando Malieh Malki Nongthymmai
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