Shillong, May 7: An expanded 12-team U-18 Shillong Premier League will begin on 13th May, with seven SPL and five First Division clubs taking part.

Each team will play the others once in what will be a 66-match single leg league, with the top two teams to meet in the final. The league stage will end on 27th July. All the league stage matches will be held at Third Ground, with kick-off at 3:45PM.

Langsning are the defending champions and they will play their opening fixture on 18th May.

The seven SPL teams are Langsning, Laban, Rangdajied United, Shillong Lajong, Nangkiew Irat, Nongrim Hills and Ryntih. The five from the First Division are Mawkhar, Lawsohtun, Marbisu, Smit and Nongkrem.

Players can be registered up until two days prior to the start of the tournament, ie Saturday, at the Shillong Sports Association office.

Fixtures are subject to change.

Fixtures (revised on 9th May):
13th May – Nangkiew Irat vs Marbisu
14th May – Smit vs Laban
15th May – Mawkhar vs Nongrim Hills
16th May – Shillong Lajong vs Lawsohtun
17th May – Rangdajied United vs Ryntih
18th May – Nongkrem vs Langsning
20th May – Laban vs Nangkiew Irat
21st May – Marbisu vs Smit
22nd May – Ryntih vs Mawkhar
23rd May – Nongrim Hills vs Rangdajied United
24th May – Lawsohtun vs Nongkrem
25th May – Langsning vs Nangkiew Irat
27th May – Laban vs Marbisu
28th May – Ryntih vs Smit
29th May – Mawkhar vs Rangdajied United
30th May – Nongrim Hills vs Lawsohtun
31st May – Nangkiew Irat vs Nongkrem
1st June – Smit vs Langsning
3rd June – Mawkhar vs Laban
4th June – Marbisu vs Shillong Lajong
5th June – Ryntih vs Nongrim Hills
6th June – Smit vs Nongkrem
7th June – Lawsohtun vs Langsning
8th June – Rangdajied United vs Shillong Lajong
10th June – Smit vs Mawkhar
11th June – Laban vs Ryntih
12th June – Marbisu vs Nongkrem
13th June – Langsning vs Shillong Lajong
14th June – Rangdajied United vs Lawsohtun
15th June – Nangkiew Irat vs Ryntih


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