Shillong, Nov 15: Rangdajied United FC and Kickstart FC took a point each in a 2-2 draw in their Group C Third Division League (I-League 3) match in Goa today.

In a contest that saw both teams hold the lead at different points in the game, Rangdajied scored via Arlangky Nongsiej (43’P) and Ieitlang Syiemlieh (57′) in between two goals from Khanngam Hora (3′, 68′) for Kickstart.

The Bangalore-based team, which had a Meghalayan in the ranks in the form of Aibiangmame Nongneng, started with a third minute lead as they dominated the early part of the match.

Hora ran into the box to meet a square pass and slammed it into the net. His second goal was similar in that it was another thundering strike. On both occasions he wasn’t properly marked, which was all the more unforgiveable the second time around.

Before Ieitlang got his goal he was instrumental in earning the penalty after he was yanked from behind by a Kickstart defender. It was Arlangky who converted the spot kick by sending the keeper the wrong way.

Poor defending then led to Rangdajied’s second goal. This time Ksankupar Khongmalai had all the time in the world to put a cross into the box, which Ieitlang, also unguarded, headed in easily.

However, RUFC weren’t able to hold on to that lead and the game ended 2-2.

Rangdajied, who now have 4 points after winning their opening fixture, get a few days rest now and will be back in action on 19th November when they take on Jeppiaar Institute of Technology FC at 9AM.

Rangdajied United’s squad today:
Banshanskhem Kharsyntiew (GK), Apborlang Kurbah, Ksankupar Khongmalai (sub Arkwis Wanniang 87′), Arlangky Nongsiej, Balamlynti Khongjee, Tremiki Lamurong (sub Damehun Syih 65′), Ieitlang Syiemlieh (sub Stephanson Pale 65′), Knerktilang Buam, Dibormi Kassar, Dameki Khongstia (sub Oresterwell Langshiang 75′), Owanijuh Pajuh (sub Batiphar Swer 87′)

(Rangdajied United FC photo)

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