Shillong, Dec 29: The Dr Friday Lyngdoh Memorial Cross Country Race & Run 2018 was held successfully on 24th December in Shillong.

The event, organised by Mawkhar Sports Club, was held to commemorate the third death anniversary of the late Friday Lyngdoh, who was the longest-serving President of the club.

More than 200 runners participated across four age categories – sub-juniors, juniors, seniors and veterans.

The run was flagged off by T Kharmih, D Hynniewta and Acting Rangbah Shnong of Mawkhar Dr BPS Toi. The prizes were hand over by Seng Kynthei Mawkhar President Stella War, Mawkhar Dorbar Shnong Secretary GEM Kharpuri, Mawkhar SC Adviser SS Rapthap, former Mawkhar Rangbah Shnong WHD Syngkon, Wanphaiti Kharkongor, Ethielang Kharkongor and Shngain Kharkongor.

The senior run was of around 8km in length, with the winners taking home Rs 5,000. The junior and veteran runs were of around 5km, with with the winners taking home Rs 3,000. The sub-junior run was 1.5km in length, with Rs 1,500 going to the winners.

Boys’ sub-junior – 1st Kyrsoijingmut Pathaw; 2nd Wilbokstar Nongrum; 3rd Jimwelson Ramsiej
Boys’ juniors – 1st Dabit Dkhar; 2nd Ashley Ryngksai; 3rd Miki Pdein
Men’s open – 1st Emohius Nongkhlaw; 2nd Stillin Jyrwa; 3rd Kresstarjune Pathaw
Men’s veterans – 1st Swonding Mawlong; 2nd Pynshngainlang Dkhar; 3rd Kedrick Kharpur
Girls’ sub-juniors – 1st Melari Pariong; 2nd Ibapynsuk Ramsiej; 3rd Lynti Jingkyrmen K Jarian
Girls’ juniors – 1st Marqueenless Ramsiej; 2nd Lesmimery Lyngkhoi; 3rd Ikyntiewshisha Ramsiej
Women’s open – 1st Darishisha Iangjuh; 2nd Dateibankynmaw Marwein; 3rd Pynhun Shullet
Women’s veterans – 1st Snora Lyngkhoi; 2nd Kmoin Wahlang; 3rd Daphika Pakyntein
The times of the podium finishers were not shared by the organisers.

(Photo contributed by Mawkhar SC)

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