Shillong, Aug 29: Mylliem and Nongumlong played out a goalless draw in Group B of the Second Division at Third Ground here today.

There were reports of disturbances during the match, but as TSR was covering the Shillong Premier League match over at the JN Stadium at the same time we can’t confirm that.

It’s easy to understand why there could have been some tension as both sides were battling to avoid relegation.

The Group B points table after the Mylliem-Nongumlong match

Before the start of the game Nongumlong were at the bottom with just one point compared to Mylliem’s two. This was to be Nongumlong’s last outing of the season. It was also supposed to be the last of Mylliem, but their match against Wahingdoh last week was interrupted by serious rain with 11 minutes still on the clock, so they still have to play out those remaining minutes in a game that was locked at 1-1 when the rains forced the abandonment.

This happened to be the first time that either Mylliem or Nongumlong had not conceded a goal this season. The draw also takes Mylliem above Wahingdoh in the standings on goal difference.

Tomorrow, in Group A, Laitkyrhong are scheduled to face Umphyrnai at 3:15PM.

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