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Shillong, Jan 18: Ri-Bhoi will face their East Khasi Hills rivals in the women’s football final of the 5th Meghalaya Games in Tura.

Ri-Bhoi thumped Eastern West Khasi Hills in their semifinal 5-1. Imaia Shylla was once again in top form, scoring four goals, with Rimika Khongkai chipping in with one. For the EWKH team, Rympeibasuk Syiemlieh was the only scorer.

In the other semifinal, EKH beat South West Khasi Hills 5-0. Inrilaidor Khongthaw scored two goals, with Melaribha Lyngdoh, Ibashembha Khongsit and Ideibanrishisha Kharpan contributing a goal each to the final score.

Two athletes from North Garo Hills did the entire region proud by bagging two gold medals out of nine that were up for grabs in the athletics arena this afternoon in an event that has been dominated by sportsmen from the Khasi-Jaintia Hills. South Garo Hills, which has placed last in the medal tally, finally opened their account with a silver in athletics.

Praichi G Momin, in the women’s javelin, threw a distance of 29.87m to claim gold in the event. She was followed closely by Melibad Kro (27.89m) to claim silver. Senitha G Momin, also of NGH, took home bronze with a throw of 25.07m.

In the men’s event, NGH once again came to the party with Tushal M Sangma clinching gold with a throw of 48.55m. SGH’s Biljakra A Sangma clinched the silver with a throw of 46.13m while WGH’s Pantera A Sangma took home the bronze with a 45m throw.

In the first event of the day, the men’s 10,000m run, East Jaintia Hills’ Knerlang Phawa stood first with a time of 32 minutes, 35.8 seconds while Ri-Bhoi’s Monas Bongrung came a close second with 33:10.9. West Jaintia Hills’ Teiboklang Biam stood third with 33:21.8.

SWKH swept the women’s 3,000m race with Marqueenless Ramsiej clinching gold (11:09.2) just beating her compatriot Lyntijingkyrmen K Jahrin by just two hundredths of a second. They were followed by Ibanraikor Lyngkhoi with 11:43.9.

WJH won the two shortest distances for the day, the 200m by Kyrshanlang Shylla who clocked an impressive 23.3 seconds. EJH’s Repol Dkhar was just two hundredths of a second behind while Danbok Shabong of EKH heartbreakingly just one hundredth of a second behind silver. This was the closest race of the entire meet with just three hundredths of a second separating the gold from the bronze.

In the women’s race, WJH won gold and bronze with EKH separating the two. The race was won by Damika R Lyngdoh (27.5 seconds) who beat 100m race winner Angelina Jackson (28.0) and Himonki Khaii who clocked 29.0 secs.

Skhemlang Suba of Ri-Bhoi won gold in the 800m race with a time of 1:54.7. EJH’s Elevent Dkhar (1:59.2) and Knerland Phawa (2:02.06) took silver and bronze respectively.

In the women’s event Glorify Kurbah of EKH won with a time of 2:21.5. She beat Ri-Bhoi’s Retina Hanse (2:28.5) and EKH’s Bethelyne G Makri 2:30.6.

In the last event of the day, the EKH team won the 4x400m relay with a timing of 3:52.6. WJH stood second while Ri-Bhoi came third.

EKH once again swept all three gold medals on offer in taekwondo this afternoon.

In the first event, junior girls’ Kyorugi, U-46kg, Ibapyhnun Kharmyndai of EKH defeated South West Garo Hills’ Joynilla Ch Sangma while Nokgrikchi G Momin and Jheanchim B Marak shared the bronze.

The second event, the junior girls’ kyorugi (U-42kg), Dayalanki Challan of WKH beat Sritee Kumari of West Jaintia Hills to the gold medal while Aurialla Wasabi K Marak and Jaksal Arimchi T Sangma settled for the bronze.

The last event for the day, the junior boys’ Kyorugi (U-45 kg) was won by Ravi Kumar Rai of EKH. He defeated Areyo M Sangma of East Garo Hills to take the gold while Kreangbeth A Sangma (WGH) and Samir Chetri shared the bronze.

The male changquan event was dominated by EKH with the gold medal going to Kyrshanbor R Songthiang, who won over Wansame Gashnga. Ri-Bhoi’s female changquan Balakynshew Lyngdoh won against Monaliza Marak of North Garo Hills. In the Taichi event, gold was clinched by Esperenza Songthiang (EKH) while, in the traditional event, Ridaplin Klein from Ri-Bhoi sealed gold.

Judo also proved to be a riveting showcase of exceptional talent and sportsmanship. Athletes from various districts displayed remarkable prowess in different weight categories, captivating spectators and affirming the vibrancy of judo in the region.

In the Boys 55kg category, Prem Chettri of EKH clinched the gold, with Jackson Kharmuti of Ri-Bhoi securing a silver medal. Notably, Player Dhar (East Jaintia Hills) and Phrangsngi Paswet (WJH) demonstrated their mettle, both claiming bronze.

In the Girls 50kg division, Gobil G Momin of EKH emerged triumphant with a gold medal. Choosbirth R Marak from Ri-Bhoi showcased exceptional skill to claim silver, while Fedrick Dkhar (EJH) and Sendre R Sangma (East Garo Hills) both earned well-deserved bronze medals.

The Boys 45kg category witnessed WKH securing the gold, with Rohit G Momin (EKH) attaining silver. The bronze medal was shared between WKH and EWKH.

Rishica Iawrod from EKH dominated the Girls 52kg category, clinching the gold.

In the Boys 48kg, EWKH’s Realigrace Suting claimed gold, outshining Basuklin Jasain of EKH, who secured silver. EJH displayed tenacity, securing a well-deserved bronze.

The Girls 44kg division saw Banrilin Jasain from EJH securing gold, while Shilpa Rajbongsih (EKH) settled for silver. WJH and Ri-Bhoi both showcased their prowess, earning bronze medals.

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